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Q&A with Laura Wears.

Laura was sweet enough to answer some questions for us. Read below to find out more about our fabulous Kanata fashion blogger of the week!

1.) What made you start a blog?
I began reading other fashion blogs about two years ago. Every once and a while I would get weirdly excited about the prospect of starting my own blog, and after months of dismissing that thought, I finally took the plunge and registered for a tumblr account in summer 2011.  I am not sure what exactly my true motivation was - I think it was partially because I was searching for a creative outlet and partly because the prospect of putting myself out there in the blogosphere both excited and scared me (I am not normally one to put myself in the position to be judged by others - it was really empowering when I published my first post!).
2.) How would you describe your personal style?
hmmmm…conservative, preppy, polished (maybe? maybe not?)  I am not sure exactly. Some days, I wish my style was a little more bohemian, other days I wish it was more edgy… Right now I suppose my style is evolving, and while I don’t expect to divert too much from my preppy/conservative comfort zone, hopefully I will eventually become better at incorporating other influences…
3.) What is your favourite part about blogging?
I love hearing people’s comments. It really makes me happy to know that I am putting something out there that people have an opinion about - good or bad (although, I will vainly admit I like the “good” and the “constructive” comments way more than the “bad”).
4.) What are you looking forward to wearing in spring?
Yellow, tangerine, and seafoam/mint green.  And sandals.
5.) What is one of your favourite items in your closet?
hmmm…this is hard…
Probably some of the things my grandmother gave me. I have a great vintage purse and a belt from her that I adore (I don’t think the belt has made it onto the blog yet…
(see the purse here and here)
As for more recent purchases, I have a Banana Republic silk ruffle blouse from last season that I adore (and wear far too much - I have stopped photographing it for my blog for fear of boring my readers).
(Seen here)
6.) What other Canadian fashion blogs do you read?
My Edit (the second blog I started reason and the reason I thrift!)
Trend Struck (referred to me by a friend of a friend of a friend…)

Thank you so much Laura! Don’t forget to go check out her blog!
*Images courtesy of Laura Wears*


One thing we think everyone woman should have in her closet is a blazer. It helps add some structure to your outfit and defines your shape. 

Laura from what Laura Wears knows how to rock the blazer! Here are some tips we picked up from her blazer outfits:

-try wearing a blazer with a wide leg pant. The blazer is a closer fit and balances out the structure of the wide leg pant.

-pair your blazer with one of our favourite trends at the moment, coloured denim!

-wear a blazer in a fun colour. We like how Laura wore a pastel blazer with a pop of colour underneath.

-Find a blazer with some interesting details. It could be trim like Laura’s, studs or fun lining!

Check out Laura’s blog to see how she pulls off other great looks!

*Images courtesy of Laura Wears* 

Polka Dots are here to stay.

One thing we have noticed in the stores lately are that polka dots aren’t leaving anytime soon. We noticed that Laura from what Laura Wears seems to be a large fan of the print.

Here are some ideas for wearing polka dots inspired by Laura:

-pair the print with a classic blazer, try a blazer in grey or black (if you are feeling adventurous try a bright colour like red)

-try wearing the polka dots with a lace addition, this could be a top, skirt or dress

-go with an all black & white palette for a traditional & classy look 

Go over to Laura’s blog to see other ways she wears this print!

*Images courtesy of Laura Wears*

Kanata Fashion Blogger of the Week: Laura Wears

Our Kanata fashion blogger of the week Laura comes from Ottawa! 

We adore how Laura always looks put together and chic! 

Go over to her blog Laura Wears to learn more about this beautiful lady!

*Image courtesy of Laura Wears*

Q&A with Amy Flying A Kite.

Amy from Amy Flying A Kite took time to answer some questions we had for her. Thank you so much Amy! You are a darling!

1.) What made you start a blog?

I used to live in a small prairie town, a place where creativity and self expression were uncommon. I left public school and began homeschooling while living there, and it was homeschooling that allowed me to cultivate myself as an individual.  I always felt a bit different than the other folks, but I used to dress like them. I started craving fashion because I wanted my outerself to be as different as my inner self. I didn’t want to fool anyone into thinking I was  similar to the folks that lived in the small town.   One day during my homeschooling years, I was searching song lyrics and accidentally came upon the website “chictopia”  When I saw that world of creative girls, I instantly signed up. The next day I started my blog.

2.) How would you describe your personal style?

Some days, I dress like a 6 year old on their first day of school. Other days, I’m inspired to dress in bohemian fashions, as if I’ve plucked my dresses from the forest hues.

3.) What is your favourite part about blogging?

My favorite part about blogging is the intimate emails I’ve recieved from readers. I’m so thankful that honest, pure, and inspiring people read my blog. My blog has lead me to many beautiful friendships I would otherwise not have.   There is nothing in my world quite like an email that says “You’ve inspired me, you’ve helped me, Thank you” 

4.) What are you looking forward to wearing in spring?

  I want to wear all of my new spring shoes. I have so many wedges that are difficult to wear with socks, I can’t wait to pair them with short sundresses and bare feet!

5.) What is one of your favourite items in your closet?

My floral tapestry heels from, and my white faux fur vest from H&M.

6.) What other Canadian fashion blogs do you read?

I spend most of my time reading Korean and Swedish blogs.  I have such a long list - I’m not even sure which ones are Canadians. However, I’m going to pay close to attention to future blogs of the week.  I’m constantly seeking new Canadian fashion blogs! Thank you so much x

Thanks Amy! Head over to Amy Flying A Kite to see more from this delightful lady!

*Image courtesy of Amy Flying A Kite*

Top it off.

Amy from Amy Flying A Kite is the Queen of accessories. We love how she has fun with her accessories. She wears her accessories in different ways (see scarf above) and tries playful accessories like the floral crown (reminds us of DVF from a few years ago). Take some cues from Amy and try wearing your accessories in unique ways or trying stepping outside of the box! Make sure you go read her blog for more inspiration! 

*Images courtesy of Amy Flying A Kite*

Often overlooked.

One thing we admire about Amy from Amy Flying a Kite is that she dresses head to toe. She does not miss a detail in her outfits. One thing we noticed about her is how she wears the most darling socks. Amy doesn’t hide her socks under her boots but shows them off! She even double layers cute socks (see second picture above)! And let’s not forget how cute and playful Amy is! 

If you want to wear socks as an accessory to your outfit like Amy, here are some tips:

-If you are too shy to wear them blaring out for the world to see, just pick a fun colour and have them peeking out under your pant hem.

-One of our favourites are knee high socks. Wear them under your riding boots or rain boots for a cute layered look.

-Try sweet, short frilly socks under your summer heels for a more daring look. It’s a great way to make the most out of your summer wardrobe in the winter!

There are plenty more amazing looks from Amy at her blog! Make sure you stop by!

*Images courtesy of Amy Flying A Kite*

Amy Flying a Kite.

We are happy to introduce Amy from Amy Flying A Kite as our Kanata fashion blogger of the week! 

Amy resides in Calgary, Alberta. We love how she has fun with fashion and isn’t afraid to experiment! She has a distinct personal style and we admire her for that! Also did we mention she writes beautiful poetry on her site? 

Go on over to her whimsical blog, Amy Flying A Kite!

*Image courtesy of Amy Flying A Kite*

Q&A with A Fashion Love Affair.

Cara was so kind to answer some questions for us about herself and blog, A Fashion Love Affair

 1. What made you start a blog? 

I was inspired to begin my own blog by other bloggers including Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and Julia from Sincerely Jules. I wanted to place where I could share my sense of style with a fashion community, and have a creative outlet outside of my day job.

 2. How would you describe your personal style?

 Personal style is so hard to define…I definitely don’t follow any fashion rules and love to try new things, but I can say that I like clean lines, layering and pops of colour!

 3. What is your favourite part about blogging? 

My favourite part about blogging is definitely putting together the outfits I am going to post, it is so fun to push myself and I love when I put together a look that I am really proud of.  I also love the blogging community, both online and in person-I have met some truly amazing people through blogging! 

4. Any tips for Canadians wanting to stay warm but still want to look stylish? 

Layer, layer layer!  I love looks that have different colours and textures, and I think that is the best way to stay cozy during the Canadian winter

 5. What is one of your favourite items in your closet? 

My sister just gave me a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress this Christmas…it instantly became a favourite because it was from my sister and because it was my first DVF wrap dress! 

6. What other Canadian fashion blogs do you read?

 I read so many blogs…and there are so many wonderful Canadian bloggers out there!  One of my absolutely favourites is Elizabeth of Chic Heroin.  For a full list of blogs I read, you can check out my “blog roll” on my blog :)

Thanks again Cara for being our Kanata fashion blogger of the week!

*Image courtesy of A Fashion Love Affair*

Classic with A Fashion Love Affair.

Stripes are one pattern that never seems to go out of style. It would be a smart investment to purchase a classic striped shirt. Cara from A Fashion Love Affair shows us how you can wear stripes in different ways. 

-Try pairing your shirt with neutrals. Cara went with a tan/brown palette. We especially enjoyed how she threw in another pattern with the leopard booties!

-Go for the classic nautical look, red white and blue.

-You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a beautiful leather jacket!

Head over to a A Fashion Love Affair to see the other ways Cara styles striped pieces!

*Images courtesy of A Fashion Love Affair*

Kanata: A Canadian fashion blog network. Why Kanata? Kanata is a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word meaning "village". It is where the name Canada came from. I thought it was appropriate since I want this page to be a place where Canadian fashion bloggers can network together to form a supportive community.