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POC with A Fashion Love Affair.

Adding a pop of colour to your outfit or “POC” as fellow Canadian stylist Brad Goreski likes to call it, seems to be all the range these days.

Cara from “A Fashion Love Affair" is right on par with this trend. Pink seems to be her poison of choice.

Some tips for adding a pop of colour to your look:

-Make-Up: try a bright coloured lipstick or nailpolish

-Accessories: a scarf, hat or try a clutch like Cara 

-Shoes: need we say more?

-Clothing: try coloured denim, a neon tank top or a bright skirt like Cara

Make sure to go and see more looks from Cara over at “A Fashion Love Affair" !

*Images courtesy of A Fashion Love Affair*

Cara from “A Fashion Love Affair”

In case you didn’t see on our Twitter or Facebook page, our Kanata fashion blogger of the week is Cara from “A Fashion Love Affair”. 

This beautiful lady is from Vancouver. She always looks well put together and we are envious of how her hair always looks perfect!

Head over to “A Fashion Love Affair" to get better acquainted with our Kanata fashion blogger of the week!

*Image courtesy of A Fashion Love Affair*

Q&A with Kate from O-My-Heart.

1.) What made you start a blog?
I had been reading style & fashion blogs for a couple years before I started my own and just thought it looked like so much fun! I always kept folders of style inspiration on my desktop and sent links of thing I was lusting over to friends, and I thought a blog would be a perfect place to put it all together! I was very shy about creating my own though, as at the time there weren’t any other NB style bloggers, so I’m happy to see more & more maritime bloggers popping up!

2.) How would you describe your personal style?
I would say my style is classic, very feminine, and a little bit preppy! I tend to be drawn to things that are girlie & pretty, but simple & clean at the same time!

3.) What is your favourite part about blogging?
My favorite part about blogging is just the general excitement it brings to each day - the sweet comments, the emails, the interaction, the fun opportunities! It just makes every day more fun, with so much to look forward to!

4.) Any tips for Canadians trying to stay warm but still want to look stylish?
Winter blogging is so hard! But as for staying warm & stylish, my number one suggestion is to invest in fleece lined tights. They are a lifesaver for those who don’t want to give up skirts & dresses in the winter, and they also layer really well under jeans and pants for added warmth! I try to find coats & sweaters that use real wool so I’m sure to be warm, and I also secretly often have thermal hiking socks under my boots!

5.) What is one of your favourite items in your closet?
Ooh, this is a tough one! I think I’d have to go with my Burberry rain boots - I had wanted them for years, and my amazing boyfriend surprised me with them for my birthday one year! They definitely give me something to look forward to on rainy days!

6.) What other Canadian fashion blogs do you read?
There are so many great Canadian style blogs out there! My favorites are Jen from Her Waise Choice, Danielle from Hello Denj, Kristin from Doll Parade, and Candice from Brilliant Sugar! I also adore Melissa from Miss Melissa, Alicia from Alicia Fashionista, Kristy from Monochromachic and Cara from A Fashion Love Affair, among many others!
Thanks for being our Kanata fashion blogger of the week! Don’t forget to check out Kate’s blog, O-My-Heart!
*Image courtesy of O-My-Heart*

Pattern Mixing with O-My-Heart.

One thing we have noticed across the fashion blogging universe is pattern mixing. It can be intimidating to mix different patterns at first. Kate from O-My-Heart has also tried pattern mixing out. Take some cues from this fine lady!

-try mixing different striped patterns like plaid & thin stripes

-Leopard print can be a neutral! If you are scared try going small first with a belt or scarf!

-Try a subtle print like Kate’s paisley scarf.

Make sure you go check out O-My-Heart!

*Images courtesy of O-My-Heart*

O-My-Heart Nordic Prints.

One thing we noticed on Kate’s blog is her love for Nordic prints. We really enjoyed how she styled this classic print. Try this print out with black tights, a bright blouse or some cute accessories!

Make sure you stop by Kate’s blog O-My-Heart for more charming looks!

*Images courtesy of O-My-Heart*

Introducing Kate from O-My-Heart!

We are excited to announce our Kanata fashion blogger of the week, Kate from O-My-Heart!

Kate is from the east coast and has a love for indie music. She always looks polished and well put together!

Make sure you head over to her blog to learn more!

*Images courtesy of O-My-Heart!*

Q&A with Monochromachic

1.) What made you start your blog?

Three years ago, I stumbled upon and it was one of the few websites where “regular people” could post their daily outfits for others to see. I was very intrigued with the concept and joined the site immediately. Less than a year after, I created my own blog so I could join the blogging community as “Kristy from Monochroma.Chic” :)

2.) How would you describe your personal style?

Urban, comfortable and affordable. I like to shop at H&M, Joe Freshm Old Navy, Aldo, and Zara (when they’re having a sale!) For purses, I like to invest a little more :)

3.) What is your favourite part about blogging?

Discovering new bloggers, getting inspired on a daily basis, an dmaking new friends. LOL, I just realized that I listed 3 favourite things. Oh well :p

4.) Any tips for Canadians trying to stay warm but still want to look stylish?

Stock up on tights, wear long sleeves/turtlenecks under your summer dresses, and invest on a great winter parka that you can wear to any occasions and yokeep you warm at the same time.

5.) What is one of your favourite items in your closet?

Man, that is tough! I would say that I love everything in my closet, but  I like to play favourites with my new purchases :)

6.) What other Canadian fashion blogs do you read?

TOO MANY! Here are some of them:

-Wild Tortoise


-Her Waise Choice

-Lack of Creativity

-Le Mode du Jour

-Bleed for Fashion

-Marie A La Mode

-Oh My Heart

-Brilliant Sugar


-Style Blog

-Style Sister Online


-Quality Rivets

…and many others! :)

Wear now, wear it later.

One thing we have noticed about Kristy from Monochromachic is her ability to wear items across the different seasons. Most of us pack away our summer skirts and dresses in the winter. Kristy doesn’t do that. Take some tips from Kristy and wear your summer pieces right through the winter.

-Add a turtleneck, whether it is under a dress or paired with a skirt

-Tights! Need we say more? 

-Faux fur details. This can be a scarf or shawl. It is super cozy and stylish!

Make sure you head over to Monochromachic

*Images courtesy of Monochromachic*

Monochromachic Fur Vest remix.

Across the country we are finally experiencing winter. This has some of us hiding inside under the blankets. It can be hard to dress stylish but still stay warm.Take some tips from Kristy at Monochromachic and wear a fur vest.

You can get a lot of use out of a fur vest. We choose three different ways Kristy has worn her fur vest. 

1.) Pair your vest with a striped top. A striped top is a classic piece you should already have in your wardrobe. Throw your vest over top, viola! Ready to go!

2.) Wear your vest with polka dots. We especially loved how Kristy paired small polka dots with the larger polka dots. 

3.) The last look is one of our favourites, a fur vest and a long skirt. This look is a little more unexpected and we love it! 

Stay warm and stylish! See more beautiful looks from Kristy over at Monochromachic!

*Images courtesy of Monochromachic*

Q&A with Flattery.


Breanne took some time to answer some questions we had for her. Read more to find out what her favourite accessory is and more!

1.) What is your favourite part about blogging?

It inspires me to dress up every day, and to be creative with clothing combinations.

2.) How much time do you spend blogging a week?

Hmm, maybe 4-5 hours? Depending on how many post I do.

3.) What is your go to accessory?

Any time of scarf.

 4.) What is one piece of advice you have for new fashion bloggers out there?

It is never to late to start a blog.

5.) How would you describe your style?

A mix of modern and vintage, mostly girly and rarely edgy. I’m a bit of everything.

6.) What other Canadian fashion bloggers do you read?

Many. I like reading Winnipeg blogs such as Cheap Thrills.

Thanks Breanne for being our Kanata fashion blogger of the week?

Head over to Flattery to see more style posts from Breanne!

*Images courtesy of Flattery* 

Kanata: A Canadian fashion blog network. Why Kanata? Kanata is a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word meaning "village". It is where the name Canada came from. I thought it was appropriate since I want this page to be a place where Canadian fashion bloggers can network together to form a supportive community.