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POC with A Fashion Love Affair.

Adding a pop of colour to your outfit or “POC” as fellow Canadian stylist Brad Goreski likes to call it, seems to be all the range these days.

Cara from “A Fashion Love Affair" is right on par with this trend. Pink seems to be her poison of choice.

Some tips for adding a pop of colour to your look:

-Make-Up: try a bright coloured lipstick or nailpolish

-Accessories: a scarf, hat or try a clutch like Cara 

-Shoes: need we say more?

-Clothing: try coloured denim, a neon tank top or a bright skirt like Cara

Make sure to go and see more looks from Cara over at “A Fashion Love Affair" !

*Images courtesy of A Fashion Love Affair*

Kanata: A Canadian fashion blog network. Why Kanata? Kanata is a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word meaning "village". It is where the name Canada came from. I thought it was appropriate since I want this page to be a place where Canadian fashion bloggers can network together to form a supportive community.