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Often overlooked.

One thing we admire about Amy from Amy Flying a Kite is that she dresses head to toe. She does not miss a detail in her outfits. One thing we noticed about her is how she wears the most darling socks. Amy doesn’t hide her socks under her boots but shows them off! She even double layers cute socks (see second picture above)! And let’s not forget how cute and playful Amy is! 

If you want to wear socks as an accessory to your outfit like Amy, here are some tips:

-If you are too shy to wear them blaring out for the world to see, just pick a fun colour and have them peeking out under your pant hem.

-One of our favourites are knee high socks. Wear them under your riding boots or rain boots for a cute layered look.

-Try sweet, short frilly socks under your summer heels for a more daring look. It’s a great way to make the most out of your summer wardrobe in the winter!

There are plenty more amazing looks from Amy at her blog! Make sure you stop by!

*Images courtesy of Amy Flying A Kite*

Kanata: A Canadian fashion blog network. Why Kanata? Kanata is a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word meaning "village". It is where the name Canada came from. I thought it was appropriate since I want this page to be a place where Canadian fashion bloggers can network together to form a supportive community.