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Q&A with Amy Flying A Kite.

Amy from Amy Flying A Kite took time to answer some questions we had for her. Thank you so much Amy! You are a darling!

1.) What made you start a blog?

I used to live in a small prairie town, a place where creativity and self expression were uncommon. I left public school and began homeschooling while living there, and it was homeschooling that allowed me to cultivate myself as an individual.  I always felt a bit different than the other folks, but I used to dress like them. I started craving fashion because I wanted my outerself to be as different as my inner self. I didn’t want to fool anyone into thinking I was  similar to the folks that lived in the small town.   One day during my homeschooling years, I was searching song lyrics and accidentally came upon the website “chictopia”  When I saw that world of creative girls, I instantly signed up. The next day I started my blog.

2.) How would you describe your personal style?

Some days, I dress like a 6 year old on their first day of school. Other days, I’m inspired to dress in bohemian fashions, as if I’ve plucked my dresses from the forest hues.

3.) What is your favourite part about blogging?

My favorite part about blogging is the intimate emails I’ve recieved from readers. I’m so thankful that honest, pure, and inspiring people read my blog. My blog has lead me to many beautiful friendships I would otherwise not have.   There is nothing in my world quite like an email that says “You’ve inspired me, you’ve helped me, Thank you” 

4.) What are you looking forward to wearing in spring?

  I want to wear all of my new spring shoes. I have so many wedges that are difficult to wear with socks, I can’t wait to pair them with short sundresses and bare feet!

5.) What is one of your favourite items in your closet?

My floral tapestry heels from, and my white faux fur vest from H&M.

6.) What other Canadian fashion blogs do you read?

I spend most of my time reading Korean and Swedish blogs.  I have such a long list - I’m not even sure which ones are Canadians. However, I’m going to pay close to attention to future blogs of the week.  I’m constantly seeking new Canadian fashion blogs! Thank you so much x

Thanks Amy! Head over to Amy Flying A Kite to see more from this delightful lady!

*Image courtesy of Amy Flying A Kite*

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Kanata: A Canadian fashion blog network. Why Kanata? Kanata is a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word meaning "village". It is where the name Canada came from. I thought it was appropriate since I want this page to be a place where Canadian fashion bloggers can network together to form a supportive community.